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Welcome to the IT For Your Small Business Co. website. In case you're wondering, IT stands for Information Technology. Information Technology encompasses many things, ranging from the PC on your desktop, to a server storing data. It can also include Internet connectivity such as Cable or DSL, or even dedicated circuits such as a T-1 or 56K. Firewalls, routers, DVD drives, video projectors, and any other hardware or software which manages or controls information is IT. Believe it or not, phones are even IT. There are many pieces which go together, and combine to make a functional useful network. The tools and services assemble into a system that can simplify your work if it's installed and configured correctly.

That's where we come in. After years supporting many types of hardware and operating systems, we have some experience with the 'big picture.' This can be helpful as you choose which things you need to spend time working with and those you don't. It also helps to determine the most cost-effective way to implement a solution and consider the effort involved as well. Our goal is to look for these cost-effective solutions with minimal support effort. For business, most of the expenses are either hardware and licensing, or labor. Labor is by far the biggest expense. That's an easy place to reduce expenses.

This is a time when all of the big companies such as Dell, IBM, HP, and others like them are searching for ways to reduce labor expenses, or make their labor more efficient. We have some expertise at automating many administrative tasks to reduce the labor needed to support a server. This translates into being able to assist small businesses gain the same advantages. By making a small server take very little effort to administer and by simplifying the tasks to make it easy for an end user to manage, we can significantly reduce the labor expenses and make more complex computing services available for less.

PDFbrochure explains many of the reasons that you can benefit from our services. Much more information is available under Service Descriptions. If you are interested in talking to us to see how we can help your business do more, give us a call. We'd be happy to demonstrate how we can help.

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